Started in a Mill over 200 years old, we feel an obligation to live up to the tradition of craftsmanship so often missing today.

You can depend on us to fabricate any countertop, sink, vanity, fireplace, hot tub surround, shower stall, or custom design to your specifications.  

We stock or can order a variety of soapstone slabs in sizes up to 120" x 60". 

Why Soapstone?

Soapstone is primarily made up of the minerals: magnesite, chlorite, dolomite and talc. Soapstone varies from very soft, which can be scratched with your fingernail, to the very hard stone that we use for countertops, sinks, floors, etc.

Alkalis and acids will not affect soapstone as they do other stones (granite, marble, etc). For this reason, soapstone has been used for years in high traffic, heavy use areas such as labs and classrooms.

Soapstone is also very dense. Stains will not penetrate soapstone and can usually be cleaned off with any household cleaner. If necessary, the stone can be easily sanded to remove oil, sealers or other discolorations and brought back to its original finish.

One of soapstone's other outstanding qualities is the ability to retain and radiate heat. Soapstone heaters, fireplaces and ovens continue providing heat hours after the fire has gone out.

Depending on finish and fabrication, soapstone is a natural for older, more rustic homes and extremely versatile to achieve contemporary, elegant designs.