Tips to Give a Wine

If you are currently in Niagara and you’re currently on a wine tour, you should consider giving wines to your loved ones. However, selecting the perfect bottle for them could be stressful considering that there are a lot of selection to choose from and the cost of wines. Here are some of the dos and don’ts while you choose a Niagara wine to be gifted:

Do not choose a wine just because the label is pretty

Nice labels with prints of little cocktail dresses or leaping kangaroos might be eye-catching. However, if you buy a wine, you must not base your choice on the bottle’s exterior since it is the liquid inside that matters. It is recommended to search for the letters “VQA” in labels, which means Vintners Quality Alliance. This is proof that the wine is made of 100% grapes.

Do research about what the recipient would love to have/enjoy

Before you go to the store, it is better if you investigate and subtly ask for some information coming from your recipient about their preferences without exposing that you’re planning to buy one for him/her. Decipher some keywords from their response such as sweet, dry, white, or red. With that, you can select the perfect wine to give.

Do not buy too expensive wine

You don’t need to be broke after buying a bottle of wine from Niagara, which is superb and high-quality in flavor. You must set a rule to not always spend more than 20 dollars on a wine bottle. In fact, there are actually several wines that taste great that can be bought for only 14-20 dollars. But if you have the money to lavish on, then no one is stopping you.

Do keep the receipt upon purchase

Based on what the wine consumers experienced, 5 percent of all wines that are concealed with an actual cork undergo cork taint. The moment you’ve opened a bottle of wine that has a smell like a soggy cardboard, damp basement, or a wet dog, you can immediately return it together with the receipt. Send it to the winery or retailer so that they will provide you a replacement of the bottle.

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